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PERI 3D Construction - more than just a project partner

3D-printing with PERI 3D Construction - About us


With sales of € 1,503 million in 2020, we as the PERI Group are internationally one of the leading suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems and a leading 3D construction printing provider. Our family-owned company with headquarters in Weissenhorn (Germany) serves its customers with innovative system equipment and comprehensive services around formwork and scaffolding technology with approximately 9,400 employees, more than 60 subsidiaries and well over 160 logistic locations.

Our company was founded in 1969 with the aim of making construction work faster and easier. As automation and digitalization offer a lot of potential to make construction faster and cheaper. We decided to open up the 3D construction printing segment for us. We believe that this construction method will be one part of the future of construction.

Our PERI 3D Construction-team is a young, innovative team with the vision to revolutionize construction as we know it today.

With the motto: "It is better to question your own business model before someone else does", we are driving the digitalization of the construction industry with the help of the BOD2 construction printer, developed and produced by COBOD, and are already pioneers in 3D-printing.

The goal we are pursuing with 3D-printing is to achieve cost- and skilled labor savings during construction and thus, to optimize the entire process. We are fully convinced that the technology will be used in various segments in the future and thus contribute significantly to productivity in the construction industry. The 5 projects we have completed so far make us very positive in this respect.


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