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3D Printing Solutions

We revolutionize the way we build today by combining 3D construction printing technology
with deep construction know-how

3D construction printing
for your building projects

Welcome to the future of construction. We are bringing 3D concrete printing to the modern construction site on a large scale so that you can build faster, more cost-effectively and with less material use. We offer you everything you need as part of our holistic overall solution: from the 3D printer and other useful equipment to the know-how with which you can start planning and implementing your first construction projects straight away. With ten fully approved 3D construction printing projects in Germany, Austria and the USA, we have shown that the advantages of the technology can already be used today.

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Why build with a 3D printer?

The construction industry is facing major challenges: productivity has stagnated for decades, there is a shortage of skilled workers and the need for affordable housing has long been growing beyond what the industry can provide. That’s why new solutions are needed – like 3D concrete printing. Thanks to a new level of automation, buildings such as single-family homes and multi-family homes can be built faster, more cost-effectively and with less material use in the long term. At the same time, work on construction sites is becoming significantly more attractive for young skilled workers. In addition, 3D printing offers unseen levels of design freedom from which architects, planners and residents benefit.

About us

PERI 3D Construction is one of the leading providers of 3D printing solutions in the construction industry. We have offices in the US and Germany and are part of the PERI Group. The PERI Group is a globally operating manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding systems in over 70 countries with over 9,000 employees. Our goal is to revolutionize the construction industry and the way construction is done today. By combining 3D printing technology with decades of experience and strong expertise in construction, our goal is to increase productivity on site. We also occasionally implement construction projects ourselves using 3D printing processes - we have, among other things, realized the first printed multi-family home in the US and the largest 3D printed building in Europe.


Advantages of 3D construction printing

3D-Druck Haus

Time and cost savings

  • The COBOD BOD2 can be operated by only 2 persons and is the fastest construction printer in the world.

  • The construction process is automated and optimized to reduces the coordination effort.

Arbeitsplatz 3D-Druck Baustelle

Attracting skilled labor

  • The printer is an innovative machine that is less physical work, clean and safe.

  • It allows to increase the attractiveness as an employer, making it easier to attract skilled workers. 

3D-Druck Haus Baustelle

Freedom of design

  • Build unprecedented forms in the housing construction. 

  • Enables construction companies to realize a high number of individual shapes, surfaces and colors. 

Gedrucktes Wohnhaus

Resilient buildings

  • 3D-printed houses are particularly durable.

  • They even offer a safe home in extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.

Customer quotes

Waldemar Korte, Mense-Korte
Waldemar Korte

Managing Director
MENSE-KORTE ingenieure + architekten

"3D Construction printing gives us designers a high degree of freedom when we are designing buildings. With conventional construction methods, this would only be possible at great financial costs."

Röser GmbH
Carl Maximilian Röser

Managing Director
Röser GmbH

"We at Röser GmbH see 3D construction printing in the precast plant of the future. This technology will become an integral part of our production line, both in the formwork area for special parts and in the complete construction of  large-format concrete components."

Rupp Gebäudedruck
Fabian und Sebastian Rupp

Managing Director

"Thanks to automation and high printing speeds, we can build houses faster and cheaper with 3D printing. The machine is operated by employees who previously built our houses conventionally. In this way we want to make the building profession more interesting again."

Excerpt of our customers and partners

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Germany's first printed home: From start until completion

Get in touch with us

Are you interested in a 3D concrete printer, would you like to start a rental project or do you have questions about our overall solution? Contact us – we will be happy to help you.

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