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3D construction printer
Equipment and services

Service Portfolio

As one of the leading providers in the field of 3D construction printing, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services from a single source that makes it easier for you to get started with 3D printing of buildings. In addition to selling and renting 3D printers and other useful equipment, we support you in planning, approving and implementing your 3D printing projects.


Project services

  • 3D printing execution planning
    ‍Consulting & information in building design regarding 3D construction printing as well as execution planning

  • 3D construction printing material
    Project-specific planning of the printing material

  • 3D printing site technician
    Guide to the optimal use of the 3D construction printer

  • Setup & removal service
    Assembly & dismantling as well as calibration of the printer; connection to silo & pump

  • Logistics
    Delivery of the 3D construction printer to the desired location as well as return delivery of rental printers

3D-Printing Demonstrations

  • 3D construction printing demonstration - basic
    Demonstration on 3D construction printing technology in general as well as with regard to PERI - incl. live printing

  • 3D construction printing demonstration - advanced
    Demonstration to enable independent operation of the printer 

Equipment services

  • Repair service
    Troubleshooting & repair of the BOD2

  • Spare parts
    Stock of all spare parts

  • Software Updates
    ‍New features, bug-fixes and improvements are distributed via online update

In addition to purchasing a printer, we offer the option of a rental printer or a printing service for initial projects, with on-the-job training for employees to be able to carry out projects independently in the future. You also have the option to test out the 3D construction printing technology in a first project that is planned in realized in close cooperation with us. Please reach out for further information.



With 3D MATCONTROL you maintain full control over your printing material at all times. The assistance system complements your 3D printer on the construction site with a variety of precise sensors that provide you with valuable information about the properties of your material in real time. The smart system takes many tasks off your hands, from construction documentation to controlling the water flow, making your work on your 3D printing construction site easier.

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