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Innovative construction

PERI 3D construction printing opens up
new dimensions in construction

3D construction printing has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry. The BOD2 opens up design freedom and contributes to the optimization of construction processes. Using 3D printing processes, concrete structures can be produced without formwork.

The technology is a great substitute for brick or wood construction. 

Treppenhaus Beckum.jpg

Freedom in Design

Construction printing allows architects

to be creative, as individual structures

and new forms can be developed

and easily realized.

The result is resistant and

architecturally innovative buildings without additional costs compared to conventional building methods.

With more intelligent designs and

the optimized use of materials

added to the mix,

3D construction printing also paves

the way to a more sustainable
built environment. 

In addition, printing walls allows

a wide variety of surface designs

(e.g. smoothed, with 3D print look or "terrace structure" for easier plastering).

Further, design possibilities result from playing with different print layer heights and widths or printed overhangs. 

Gedruckte Wandstrukturen.jpg

Interior Design Potentials

What's more: In interior spaces, the individual shaping of the printed walls offer a special design highlight. In addition to printed wall structures, house building with the 3D printer offers a variety of possibilities to print parts of the interior.

Schacht für Elektronik.jpg

Integration of other trades

Another advantage offered by  the construction printing of houses  is the integration of other trades.  This way, electrical lines, for example, can also be printed directly, and insulation material can be directly filled into the hollow printed walls. The advantage: Other trades are also taken into account at an early stage of planning.

By taking other trades into account at an early stage of planning, not only construction time but also coordination effort can be reduced. This automates construction site operations. Further advantages result from the elimination of trades (e.g. facade work) or the reduction in the work of surveyors for buildings with free geometries.


Innovative pioneer in the transformation of the construction industry

Do you ask yourself whether it is worthwhile to rely on the new technology?

We at PERI 3D Construction are convinced that 3D printing will revolutionize the house building of the future and the construction industry.

Be among the first innovative and pioneering companies to print their individual building together with the support of our 3D printing experts. 

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