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Production of  precast elements

In August 2020 we sold the first BOD2 construction printer to the precast company Röser GmbH in Germany. This shows that the technology cannot only be used for on-site house printing but also for the time-saving and cost-effective production of individual precast elements.

The technology enables the realization of eyecatcher projects by producing individual architecture which, up until now, could either only be produced with expensive special-made formwork or not at all due to its complex, curved structure. Thanks to computer-controlled printing technology this new production method guarantees dimensional accuracy.
In the gallery below you will find some examplary applications for 3D-printed precast elements: e.g. attica for our printed house in Beckum (i.e. in-situ and prefabricated elements comined), shafts, furnitures, logos or a curved garden wall. The elements below were produce by our customer Röser GmbH.

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