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PERI and STRABAG print first building in Austria  

Weißenhorn/Hausleiten. Austria’s first 3D-printed building is being constructed in Hausleiten, Lower Austria. Construction technology group STRABAG, together with PERI, the formwork and scaffolding manufacturer and a pioneer in 3D construction printing, is realising a roughly 125 m² office building next to its asphalt mixing plant in Hausleiten. The pure printing time for the building extension is approx. 45 hours. The special dry mortar for the construction 3D printing project "TectorPrint", with long workability and good pumpability, is being supplied by Lafarge.

Press release_PERI and STRABAG print first building in Austria_ENPressemitteilung_PERI und STRABAG drucken erstes Gebäude Österreichs_DE

First building extension worldwide using 3D-printing

Weissenhorn/Lindau. The next step in the developmentof 3D construction printing technology can currently be seen in Lindau, Bavaria. The PERI 3D construction printing team is realizing a residential building extension. Based on an idea and planning by the architectural office BODENSEE ARCHITEKTUR, a new floor is being printed onto an existing single-family house and implemented with BALDAUF GEBÄUDEDRUCK. This is the first time in the world that this procedure for adding a new floor to aresidential building has been carried out with a 3D construction printer.

Press release_first building extension worldwide_ENPressemitteilung_weltweit erste Wohnhausaufstockung_DE

Germany's first printed house officially opened

Germany's first printed house is ready for occupancy. Today, the single-family house printed by PERI using a COBOD BOD2 printer was officially opened in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia, by Ina Scharrenbach, Minister for Home, Municipal Affairs, Construction and Equality of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The state of NorthRhine-Westphalia subsidized the project as part of its "InnovativeBuilding" funding program.

Picture on the right: A cake at the opening. f.l.t.r. Architect Waldemar Korte (Mense - Korte Ingenieure + Architekten), Dr. Fabian Meyer-Broetz (Head of 3D Construction Printing, PERI AG), Dr. Jennifer Scheydt (Head of Engineering & Innovation, HeidelbergCement AG), Minister Ina Scharrenbach, Michael Gerdhenrich (Mayor of Beckum), Henning Rehbaum (2nd row hidden, MdL NRW).

Press release: Germany's first printed house officially opened_ENPressmitteilung_Erstes gedrucktes Haus Deutschlands offiziell eröffnet_DE

Social housing project with Habitat for Humanity

In Tempe (Arizona) we are printing our first fully permitted 3D-printed home in the US. We are incredibly proud to team up with Habitat for Humanity in this groundbreaking project. The new 3D-printing project is a single-family home with three bedrooms and two baths. The livable space is 1,722 square feet (160sqm), and the total project is 2,433 square feet (226 sqm). The home is expected to be ready for occupancy in August/September. It was printed with a COBOD BOD2.

Press release: PERI prints first home in the USA_ENPressmitteilung_PERI  druckt erstes Haus in den USA_DE

Best 3D-printed house in the world

Jarett Gross, a US-based Construction Tech Correspondent who is covering cutting edge firms and their route to automate construction, visited our construction site in Beckum, Germany. While the 3D-printing was completed in December 2020, the interior fittings are in full swing.

Take a look at the video to see the current state of construction as well as various details of the interior design. It clearly illustrate the holistic approach we took in the planning phase together with the architect MENSE-KORTE ingenieure + architekten to fully exploit the possibilities of 3D construction printing.


Germany's first 3D-printed home wins German Innovation Award 2021 in "Building & Elements" category

For the first time in Germany, a house comes out ofthe printer. The two-storey building in Beckum (NRW) with approx. 160 sqm ofliving space consists of multi-layered walls that are filled with insulatingmaterial or with in-situ concrete. The concept for the innovative property wascreated by Mense-Korte ingenieure+architekten. Printing was carried out with aconcrete printer from PERI installed on the construction site. A specialprinting mortar from HeidelbergCement was used as the printing material. Theproject was assisted by experts from the TU Munich and the engineering officeSchießl Gehlen Sodeikat. With this manufacturing process, houses can be builtfaster, more economically and more sustainably. In addition, the process allowsfor a very individual design of the living space.

Website German Innovation Award 2021

Why this 3D-printed house will change the world

The B1M features our pilot projects in Germany in one of their well know videos. They believe that "the impact of this 3D-printing breakthrough for construction and for the buildings we all use could be huge".

Take a look to not only see how our BOD2 construction printer is printing a single- and a multi-family house but also how Fred Mills from The B1M discusses with our colleagues Dr. Fabian Meyer-Brötz (Head of 3D Construction Printing) and Yannick Maciejewski (Application Engineer) the benefits of 3D construction printing, the challenges we had to overcome as well as the potential of this new construction method for the future of the construction industry.


PERI builds largest 3D-printed apartment building in Europe

PERI GmbH is once again printing a residential house with a 3D construction printer in Wallenhausen, Bavaria. After the family-owned company announced the printing of the first residential house in Germany in Beckum at the end of September 2020, the next house is now being built with the help of a 3D construction printer. The 5-family house with around 380 square meters of living space will be the largest printed residential building in Europe upon completion. A total of six weeks of printing time are estimated for the project.

Press release: PERI builds the first 3D-printed apartment building in Germany_ENPressemitteilung: PERI druckt erstes Mehrfamilienhaus Deutschlands_DE

PERI builds Germany's first 3D-printed home

3D construction printing technology ready for the residential market.
PERI GmbH, is printing Germany's first residential building in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia. The two-story single-family house with approx. 80 sqm living space per floor is not built using conventional construction methods, but is printed by a 3D construction printer.

Press release: PERI builds first 3D-printed house in Germany_ENPressemitteilung: PERI druckt erstes Wohnhaus Deutschlands_DE

PERI sells first COBOD 3D construction printer

Consistent development work in recent years pays off

Press release: PERI sells first 3D construction printer_ENPressemitteilung: PERI verkauft ersten 3D-Betondrucker_DE

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