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Our projects: Pilot projects in Germany

Beckum and Wallenhausen, Germany:

Ever heard of the first 3D-printed house in Germany?
- That was our work!


In the fall of 2020, together with the architectural firm MENSE-KORTE, we took the plunge and brought this innovative technology to the market. The city of Beckum in North Rhine-Westphalia, with its 36,736 inhabitants, was thus the first city in Germany to be part of the future revolution in construction with the innovation of a 3D-printed house. The house was also the first printed house in Germany to receive a building permit and thus, not a mere demonstration object.

But the Beckum project was not just a simple, angular single-family house - quite the opposite! The single-family house is divided into two floors, each with about 861 sqft. Instead of corners, you will find rounded walls and unusual, individual architecture. This is an architectural design that could only have been built using conventional construction methods at enormous expense. The special 3D-printing material used in the project comes from HeidelbergCement and the mixing technology from m-tec GmbH. The engineering firm Schießl - Gehlen - Sodeikat GmbH played a key role in obtaining the building permit.

This project was not only a significant milestone for us, but also for the city of Beckum. The ministry for construction of North Rhine-Westphalia supported the 3D construction printing project as part of the "innovative building" funding program. We needed just three people to operate the machine and around 5 minutes per square meter of printed wall. The ceiling was created conventionally with precast concrete elements - with the stop-end formwork printed. A surface heating and cooling system was directly integrated into the ceiling, with energy supplied by an air/water heat pump.



As this construction method involves applying the concrete layer by layer, it is also referred to as additive manufacturing.


Building in today's world, even without the impact of the Corona pandemic, comes at a high cost. This is one reason why we are convinced of the future of 3D- printing. With the help of this new construction method, significant time and cost savings can be achieved in the future. The price of the Beckum 3D-printed house is €450,000.

However, this is not the only reason why we continue to push 3D-printing, but also the increased work safety and the possibility to save material.

The successful project was rounded off with the award for the German Innovation Award 2021, where HeidelbergCement AG, MENSE-KORTE GbR, Ingenieurbüro Schießl - Gehlen - Sodeikat GmbH, TU Munich and we as PERI SE were all listed as developers of the 3D-printed building. From July 2022, the single-family house, which has made construction history, will be occupied by the buyer.



Big, bigger, PERI - We built the largest 3D-printed apartment building!

Two villages away from our headquarters, in the small town of Wallenhausen, the largest 3D-printed apartment building in Europe was built in 2020. Since July 2021, all apartments, except for one showcase apartment, have been successfully rented. This project was realized together with the construction company Rupp Gebäudedruck from Pfaffenhofen. In just 6 weeks, the printing of the three-story apartment building with approximately 4,090 sqft of living space was completed.

"With the project in Wallenhausen, the PERI 3D construction printing team takes the next important step and PERI consolidates its position as a leading company in the field of 3D concstruction printing," said Thomas Imbacher, Executive Director Marketing & Innovation of the PERI Group. "With the printing of the first apartment building in Germany, we are providing proof that this new construction technology is also suitable for printing larger residential units. With this, we are opening up further areas of application for 3D construction printing on new scales." Once again, the material from HeidelbergCement AG and the mixing technology from m-tec GmbH were used in this project. This special material has been developed for 3D construction printing and is ideally suited to the special requirements of 3D printing.

If you are interested in inspecting the Beckum or Wallenhausen house from the inside, visit our virtual 360-degree tour.


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