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Smart and exclusive construction

Will classic brick-on-brick construction soon be a thing of the past?


With Beckum and the architecturally valuable entrance sculpture of a residential quarter in Dornstadt, we have opened a door for construction companies into the segment of exclusive building.

The innovative 3D printing technology enables new designs, surfaces and individual shaping in residential construction. Unusual and extravagant building projects can now be turned into reality more easily and without major additional financial outlay.

New design possibilities

Until now, we have only known luxurious villas with elaborate architecture from conventional construction. In conventional construction, however, the possibilities in terms of design are still largely limited.

3D printing, on the other hand, allows creative design freedom through the feasibility of overhangs, curves, etc..

In addition, printing walls allows the design of a wide variety of surfaces (e.g. smoothed, with a 3D-printed look, or with a "terrace structure" for easier plastering.

Potentials for interior design

The individual shaping of the walls offers special design highlights and interior design opportunities. The 3D-printed home in Beckum, this versatility was used for a holistic building design. For example, a round bathtub and a semicircular fireplace were printed to match the rounded wall and the 3D-printed look.

From kitchen elements to bathtubs, building a house with a 3D printer brings a multitude of possibilities to print interior design parts. This enables holistic building design and new opportunities for architects, construction companies and their discerning clients.


About PERI: With a turnover of € 1,503 million in 2020, PERI is internationally one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems. With around 9,400 employees, more than 60 subsidiaries and well over 160 warehouse locations, the family-owned company with headquarters in Weissenhorn (Germany) serves its customers with innovative system equipment and comprehensive services for all aspects of formwork and scaffolding technology.


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