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The PERI 3D construction printer opens up new construction dimensions

Our 3D construction printer is not only the fastest on the market and can be operated by just two people, it also opens up freedom in design and contributes to the optimization of construction processes.

New design possibilities

Realize a wide range of design possibilities with the 3D construction printer

Plan and implement eye-catching buildings that are the first and only of their kind. At constant costs, the design possibilities are almost unlimited. Different and individual shapes are just as possible as a wide variety of surfaces (e.g. smoothed, with 3D print look or "terrace structure" for easier plastering). Further design possibilities are offered by playing with different print layer heights & widths or overhangs.

Less time & effort

Reduce construction time and coordination effort with the PERI 3D construction printer

By integrating different trades into the printing process, not only construction time can be reduced, but also the coordination effort. Empty pipes, for example, can be inserted during the printing process and cable ducts for the electrical system can also be printed. By printing the edge formwork for concreting the slabs, this work step can also be optimized.

Further advantages result from the elimination of trades (e.g. facade work) or the reduction in the work of surveyors for buildings with free geometries.


Be an innovative pioneer in 3D construction printing

Are you asking yourself whether it is worthwhile to rely on the new technology? We at PERI 3D Construction are convinced that 3D construction printing will revolutionize the construction industry. Be among the first architects to print your individual building together with the support of PERI 3D Construction experts.

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