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Germany's first 3D-printed home

In the fall of 2020, we printed Germany's first residential building in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia. This project impressively proved that the innovative 3D construction printing technology is ready for the market in the residential construction segment. The construction technology, which was executed for the first time in Germany, went through all official approval processes in the preceding months.

The two-storey family house has about 80 sqm per floor. Already at first sight, the unusual shape of the residential house with round walls catches the eye. The special design, which in conventional construction would have been feasible only at great financial expense, could be realized cost- and time-efficiently with the BOD2.

The BOD2 was operated by just two people. The print head and the print results were additionally monitored by camera. During the printing process, the 3D construction printer already took into account the lines and connections for water and electricity to be laid later. Thanks to the certification of the BOD2 used, it was possible to work in the print room during the printing process. Manual work, such as laying empty pipes and connections, was thus simply integrated into the printing process. This saved valuable time and costs.

Europe's largest 3D-printed apartment building

Only a short time later, the printing of what is currently the largest apartment building in Europe was executed. The project, for which a total of only six weeks of printing time was estimated, showed that 3D construction printing is also suitable for the construction of large residential units. The 5-family house was built in Wallenhausen, Germany. It has a full basement and offers five apartments on three floors with a total living space of about 380 sqm.

The special feature: This is not a research or demonstration project, but the apartments will be rented after completion. Only one apartment will be used as a show apartment.

Single-family home for Habitat for Humanity (Arizona, USA)

We printed our first US-project in Tempe, Arizona.  It is one of the first 3D-printed housing projects in the USA to date that has fully and successfully passed all regulatory approval processes. Importantly all installations are integrated into the 3D-printed walls. The single-story detached house has approx. 160 m² (1,738 sq ft) of living space in Tempe. The pure printing time was 45 hours. According to current plans, the house will be ready for occupancy in August / September 2021.

Production of  precast elements

In August 2020 we sold our first BOD2 construction printer to the precast company Röser GmbH in Germany. This shows that the technology cannot only be used for on-site printing but also for the time-saving and cost-effective production of individual precast elements. The technology enables the realization of eyecatcher projects by producing individual architecture which, up until now, could either only be produced with expensive special-made formwork or not at all due to its complex, curved structure.
Thanks to computer-controlled printing technology this new production method guarantees dimensional accuracy.

In the gallery below you will find some examplary applications for 3D-printed precast elements: e.g. attica for our 3D-printed house in Beckum (i.e. in-situ and prefabricated elements comined), shafts, furnitures, logos or a curved garden wall.

(the elements below were produce by our customer Röser GmbH)

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